2014 SC Legislative Update

SC statehouseThe 2014 Legislative session is well underway in South Carolina.  The SC Alliance of YMCAs is currently supporting, opposing, and monitoring many bills that affect Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.  Two bills have been quite active and Alliance staff are actively engaged in their progress through the legislative system:

Support for S.1094: In an effort to reduce the high incidence of childhood obesity and instill healthy eating habits in our children during their formative years, the Smart Snacks Bill (S.1094) ensures all snacks and beverages sold in schools meet the new USDA guidelines.  This guarantees students have access to healthy choices during and after school.  The bill will extend the new USDA guidelines to snacks and beverages sold or provided by the school for after school activities except where there is a significant portion of adults in attendance or the activity is held after 6pm.  The bill will also add an accountability component.

Oppose and Monitor H.3532: This bill relates to the definition of terms used in the regulation of childcare facilities, after school programs and day camps and prohibits the use of ABC vouches by certain childcare providers.  The intent of this bill is to ensure that all childcare programs (including after school and summer camp) offered to children are quality programs that have policies and procedure in place for the health and safety of children which the YMCA fully supports.  However, there are many unintended consequences in the current bill language and subsequent amendments that are not in the best interest of the YMCA.