A letter from Executive Director – Amy Splittgerber


For many of you, this is my first opportunity to reach out to you and introduce myself.  My name is Amy Splittgerber, and in July of last year was hired to become the first Executive Director of the SC Alliance of YMCAs.  My primary role is to coordinate the work of our Statewide Pioneering Healthier Communities Initiative . However, I am also tasked with coordinating key work of the Y Alliance statewide initiatives, advocacy, events, communication, marketing and grants.  It is in this role that I am very pleased to be working on behalf of the 21 Associations and 50 branches of the YMCAs across South Carolina to increase the impact of the Ys through Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.

As a key staff member of a YMCA in your community, you are part of the statewide YMCA movement that is making a difference in 226,000 lives across the Palmetto State.  You are serving our neighbors and their needs with youth, wellness, and social programs and empowering people of all ages to lead healthier lives.

You will begin to hear from me periodically via email with relevant information based on your areas of interest and responsibility.  This could include training opportunities, grants, toolkits, fact sheets, social media post suggestions, etc.  If ever there is something that you would like to communicate to other Y employees with your same job function, please get this information to me and I’ll send it along.

I look forward to working alongside you to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. You can read about the current reach and impact of the YMCAs in SC through our recent Community Benefit Report.  By working together, we can have lasting impact across South Carolina.  Thank you for all you do and for being part of the YMCA Movement!

Amy Splittgerber

Executive Director, SC Alliance of YMCAs


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