Papa Joe’s Story

“Have you ever felt like the Holy Spirit just pierced deep into your heart?”  CEO of the Greenwood YMCA, Gray Stallworth, did back in April at a YMCA event near Nashville TN. Among the several worship sessions at the weekend event, was a very special group that had a significant impact on his life. You can read more about Gray’s experience in his most recent blog at


Papa Joe Bradford has overcome poverty, discrimination, prison, and kidney disease. After being forced to move to the “projects” due to unavoidable financial hardship, Papa Joe and his wife, Denise, discovered children who were desperate for someone to love them and care for them. Music became the gateway to the hearts of the children they met and their broken families in this all but forgotten community. “Unconditional” the movie was inspired by the events in the life of Papa Joe and his wife Denise. The Greenwood YMCA invites you to join us on August 2nd to hear more of Papa Joe’s story and to worship with him and the children’s Unity Choir. For additional information call 864-223-9622.


Project Love is a ministry of North Side Baptist Church. High Hopes is a program of the Greenwood Family YMCA. Both programs are working with high-risk children in Greenwood.  The High Hopes program is a collaboration with the local housing authority. It is very much a win-win situation for those kids. We know if we can keep them coming to a quality afterschool program their chances of success greatly increase.  More information on High Hopes can be found here